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The Ethical Business Woman -- Kathleen Balota
The Ethical Business Woman

Hidden Within the Bling -- Kathleen Balota
Hidden Within the Bling

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Dear Reader Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website, dedicated to portraying strong characters who have to make important, life decisions. I can promise you that I am a fan of happy endings, so although situations may look bleak in my stories, there is always going to be some happy outcome. Such is it with my two book series, which I call “Friends with Bling”.  It is filled with colorful characters, some who have a privileged, society life, and the others who have to work hard to make ends meet.

I am happy to announce that “The Ethical Business Woman” was picked by Bedside Reading, Inc. as part of their July 4th promotion. They placed my book in gift bags at five star hotels in The Hampton, NY, and at the Acqualina Resort and Spa in Sunset Beach, FL. it was also advertised in media, including Hollywood Weekly Magazine and Jetsetera.net. The Bedside Reading founder’s fame was earned through her gift bags given at the Emmys, etc. Jane Ubell-Meyer found that the industry “influencers” helped launch products. She grew her business to include books in luxury hotels, so that the same clientele can help promote books. It’s a great name branding opportunity, and I was happy that they vetted my book and reached out to me.


My first book, "The Ethical Business Woman" is a contemporary tale of Francine Pacque, a.k.a. Fanny Pack. She is a young, talented woman who loses her job through no fault of her own, and creates a successful business in the southern U.S. While in Naples, Florida, she tells a small lie while attending a social event, and soon is befriended by a group of high-society women, led by Noel Noirty, an ex-model and wife of a well-known luxury yacht dealer. Francine's lie grows from one predicament to another, until she realizes that she cannot keep her personal life separate from her work life. The chaos she creates not only jeopardizes her business and friendships, but also a new romance with the man of her dreams in Chicago.

"Hidden Within the Bling", continues the adventure of Francine and her society friends. This time, it is Noel Noirty, who has a personal issue. She suspects her husband is having an affair. Not wanting to involve her socialite friends, she confides to Francine. The twosome learns how to become "invisible" in a crowd to spy on Noel’s husband. But, as a number of jewelry thefts threaten their community, they get side-tracked and involve their friends in a humorous tale as the society group becomes undercover spies to identify the thief. So what did Noel find out about her husband? Did Francine end up with her man of her dreams? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out.  

"To Florida With Love - Moonlight and Steamy Nights" is an anthology of short romance storieswritten by some very talented members of the Southwest Florida Romance Writers (SWFRW) chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). One of the eight stories included is written by me, called “Sweet Tooth”.  It is a story of a young woman who had an embarrassing situation while vacationing with her friends in South Beach. Unlucky with love, she decides to visit her grandparents in Naples, Florida. Through her passion for sweets and with a little matchmaking from her grandma, she may have found more than she ever imagined.


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